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About Friends of A Way with Words

Who We Are

Our Mission:

The Friends of A Way with Words is a volunteer fundraising committee in support of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Wayword, Inc., which produces the radio show and podcast A Way with Words. Our members are dedicated to the mission of A Way with Words in promoting better communication and cultural understanding through language.

Our Purpose:

The Friends are excited to do the work because A Way with Words supports and enhances literacy throughout the United States and abroad by looking at language through the lenses of family, history, and culture, and by revealing human connections across eras, generations, cultures, and languages. The Friends believe that promoting the understanding of language and all of its wonderful complexities is essential for diverse and respectful communities to prosper.

We work closely with Wayword, Inc. to do the following:

  • Promote understanding and appreciation of A Way with Words and its parent nonprofit Wayword, Inc.
  • Organize, support, and elicit donations for the annual fundraising event “Word by Word.”
  • Support and coordinate with the development department of Wayword, Inc., to develop and maintain major donor relationships.
  • Organize and support smaller fundraising and friendraising events in coordination with Wayword, Inc.
  • Explore and develop projects that help connect Wayword, Inc., with various donor communities.